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At last: Easy to use free software to create zip files from Visual FoxPro !



Put those files in the same directory where you exe resides:

ZIPSFX.BIN (only if you create sfx files)

Required improvements and known problems

I have encountered the following problems using this package. If you have solutions to them, please let me know.

1. OnProgess() event should allow to interrupt if Esc key or cancel button is pressed.

2. .OCX file German resource strings should be changed to english using resource hacker from . Chris Vleghert wrote:

a. You open the zipmaster .ocx file
b. then choose Action | Replace other resource from the menu
c. open the language resource file ZipMsgUS.res
d. Replace the complete string table available (16 times)

3. Run time translation should be added. Alls message translations must be handled by VFP application at run time.

4. I need the option to exlude some files during unzipping.

5. I don't know wil the user select floppy or hard disk for backup. So I use options

.AddDirNames = .t. and
.AddRecurseDirs = .t.

However, if I create a zip file in C: disk, it adds a 001 suffix to file name.

6. .ocx must be compiled using latest DelZip release. Problably this resolves problems 1-4

7. WAIT WINDOW NOWAIT in OnProgress() event flashes strangely. Why ?It should be replaced by progress bar.

8. Creating zip file to writeble cdrom drive (mounted using HP Easy CD creator under Win 98) gives error this disk could not be formatted . However, ZIP file is created correctly.


I'm using free ZipMaster OCX written by German PC Magazine editor Thorsten Eggeling (file zipnsend.exe somewhere in in 2000. Unfortunately, this was made using old version of DelZip. I'm looking for a person

ZipMaster is based in the Delphi zip package, DelZip. DelZip is maintained by Erik W. Engler (

DelZip is based on the Info-Zip DLL files (


Latest release can be downloaded at

If you have any suggestions or improvements, send email to


Akadeemia 21-G

Tallinn 12618


Phones: 372-6654214, 372-6654215 e-mail: