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Typically, connecting FoxPro to Web requires setup and administration of three different systems:

  1. Web server
  2. CGI/ISAPI to FoxPro connector
  3. Your application program.

You find yourself wasting a lot of time to study, install and support different programs.


Eeva Webserver is a Word Wide Web server written in Visual FoxPro. It serves http requests directly TCP port 80.

Webserver allows runs your VFP programs for Internet without installing separate Web server.

  • Write a complete web application using Visual FoxPro programming language only..
  • Create a server side web application without having to learn ASP or Cold Fusion
  • Give web interface to your existing applications
  • Easy debugging of your application. Use FoxPro native debugger in server side code.
  • Features

    1. It is fast and simple. VFP codes serves http requests without unnecessary overhead. No CGI/ISAPI converting and external program running overhead.

    2. Authenticate users directly against VFP tables. Eeva Webserver implements http "Basics" authorization. User name/password entered in browser authorization dialog.

    3. Webserver evaluates FoxPro expressions. Webserver evaluates expressions between <%= ... %> markers and inserts results into page

    4. Script running. Webserver runs FoxPro code between <% ... %> markers.

    5. Web programming methods. Webserver implements ASP style Request and Response objects. For example, to retrieve a posted form variable use Request.Form().

    6. Code generation based on FoxPro classes.

    7. 128 bit SSL encryption using free stunnel.

    8. Webserver includes ready to run order entry application and documentation.


    MS Winsock ActiveX Control must be installed.


    1. Unpack zip file with subdirectories to empty directory.

    2. In VFP command window type

    DO FORM Server

    3. Run your Web browser and type address: localhost


    Latest release can be downloaded at

    Add suggestions or comments to the webserver wiki page at

    If you have any suggestions or improvements, send email to


    1. Have you some complex app with webserver. Have you more examples, for example: a form with 'Add, Edit, Delete, ..." record.

    Real-word application examples are found in Eetasoft Eeva latest release. This can be downloaded at Download an entry Eetasoft Eeva latest release. This is at the end of the page. It contains a sample of price list lookup, order entry and order editing.

    2. It looks like this is a full web server running on port 80, correct? If so, is it required to stop IIS in order to use it.

    If you have port 80 used, you can use other port. Change MS Winsock localport property in ewebserv.scx form to 81. In browser, type localhost:81


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