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Eetasoft Eeva consists of the following integrated solutions:

All modules are fully integrated for maximum data sharing and contribution to your resources.

Separate modules can be used as stand-alone programs.

Distributed architecture is common to all modules:

  • Many users can access data simultaneously in local area network.

  • Remote processing: data is synchronized using e-mail messages with zipped file attachments, automatically generated by program

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General Ledger

General Ledger provides advanced tools to manage the continuing entry of your financial transactions.

General Ledger supports user-defined account code and up to six additional classifiers (sets of objects) which can be used for cost and project accounting.

Budgets can bet set up and compared with actual amounts.

General Ledger can calculate profit and loss caused by different currency exchange rates

Eeva can hold data for up to 99 different companies. General Ledger provides the means for consolidating financial information from multiple companies. This is done by creating a holding company that consolidates the transactions of the subsidiary companies. The consolidated financial reports can be printed.

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This module includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash, bank documents and contracts.

Multi-currency payments are handled easily.

Today’s competitive business environment demands accurate knowledge of cash requirements. Documents module cash forecast report provides such information.

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This module controls all types of inventory in a company. These include retail or wholesale items, raw materials, engineering and consumable items.

Inventory Control administers and evaluates both the buying and selling processes across a wide range of parameters including multiple warehouses, divisions, numerous product groupings and pricing levels.

Inventory Control supports average weighted and FIFO methods to perform inventory valuation.

Order Processing takes sales or purchase orders and tracks them through fulfillment and invoicing.

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Payroll and personnel management

Payroll module is a complete system that can handle virtually any payroll requirement

It distributes salary amounts and to different jobs, departments and GL accounts.

Payroll supports data-driven calculations where formulas are user-modifiable.

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Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets System records the company assets and calculates depreciation expenses.

It provides complete movement and history of assets including depreciation calculations, disposals and asset transfers.

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Manufacturing module is the center of a production cost calculating system.

Raw materials, labor overhead and total cost required for manufacturing can be allocated at a time of creating product calculation. Calculations can be printed showing the requirements for the product.

After product is finished, manufacturing expenses can be allocated to product. A costing report can printed showing for each product the calculated and actual cost.

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Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale module has been designed to replace cash registers.

This simple and straightforward system is ideal for retail, wholesale or service environments. It handles cash drawer, bar code reader and POS printer operations.

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Customization capabilities

Eetasoft Eeva is written in Visual FoxPro. You can customize reports, queries and data entry forms. You can even add new fields easily to database and use them in your forms.

Eeva application language, Eevascript can be used to make even more customizations.

MS-GRAPH is used to produce graphical reports.

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