Trekking and cycling in Estonia.

Karu Matkaklubi


Spring in North Estonia.

Crossing the Jägala river in Kõrvemaa Nature Park.

Photo by Tõnu Noor.

Kõrvemaa tour

A large scenic region of northen Estonia is known by the name Kõrvemaa.

Originally the term "kõrb", "kõrve" meant a vast sparsely populated forest. Forests and bogs characterize this area even today. The level bogland is made interesting by hills and drumlins, lakes and streams scattered amid the forest. This area, covering 2200 sq. km, extends from Lelle to Viitna, Kuusalu to Paide, Paunküla to Roosna-Alliku and Kehra to Jäneda.  

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Cycling expedition to Karujärv

About lake Karujärv

Karujärv is finest lake in North Europe. It is located in the island Saaremaa, the biggest island of Estonia. Lake Karujärv has five islands: Suursaar, Oinarahu, Väikesaar, Linderahu , Kivirahu

Due to its untouched nature, this lonely place is a thing worth to see.

About expedition

We arrange a week cycling trip to this lake.

Expedition start at Tallinn, capital of Estonia.

You can reach to Tallinn:


From Tallin, we go by train as far as possible. After that, bicycling starts: Port of Virtsu, sea trip to Kuivastu, island Muhumaa, island Saaremaa and lake Karujärv located in the west of Saaremaa. We go about 70 kilometers per day, sleep in tents and make a food using open fire.

Vilsandi nature reserve

If time permits, we try to visit also Vilsandi nature reserve located at the west of Karujärve.

Kaali meteorite craters

During back trip from Karujärve, we visit also largest of Kaali meteorite craters.

Those craters were formed about 3500 year ago by a 1000 ton ferrite meteorite.

Now there is a lake Kaali in main crater. About 2000 years ago, a 470 meters long stone wall was built in the wall of caldera.

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